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2016. A new year for me to do nothing at all and then feel bad about it in December when it’s already too late.

I realize this is my first blog post here and it shouldn’t be negative and everything. I am not negative, I am actually quite the positive person… on the inside. The outside, however, is as dark as the dark side. But we have cookies, so who cares.

New Year’s resolutions. That is what I kind of want to talk about. I don’t really like calling them resolutions because let’s face it… I’m gonna fail most of them just because they are “resolutions” and therefore they are to be failed. However, I did set up some goals for this year as it is possibly going to b the year that affects my whole future. Yay!

Here I go:

In 2016 I want to:

  • be nicer, kinder and generally try my best to make people smile
  • procrastinate less (hahaha)
  • study more
  • move to the UK
  • cook more (so I don’t starve at uni)
  • start youtube
  • write more, photograph more, read more, excercise more
  • see more great plays (like Hamlet with Burgerking Cunningscratch)

And that’s probably it. These are the most important things I want to do. There is definitely more but I shouldn’t bore you or myself with writing all my little goals down. That is the first kind thing I’ll do in 2016. You’re welcome.


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4 thoughts on “2016

  1. I personally created a page on my blog for every that struggles with fulfilling a New Year’s Resolution, like myself haha. I think procrastination is everyone’s worst enemy, but as long as you’re making improvements everyday towards your goals then you won’t have a problem with your Resolutions 🙂


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