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Chicken with vegetables & couscous | Cooking #1

chicken with veggies

(Please excuse this crappy photo, it’s the best I have.)

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to start cooking more. And you know what? I actually did! I cooked for my entire family and it was really good and everyone loved it. So yay!

As I wanted to blog more (which I didn’t, with all the school work I kind of forgot to do this), I decided to blog about this. About my success in the kitchen. And what better way to do that than share this great recipe? Because, to be honest, this will probably save my life next year at university, as it is very easy and quite quick (and no instant noodles).


You will need:

chicken breasts (I used 500 g and it was 6 servings)

vegetables (whatever you like; I used yellow paprika, green paprika and zucchini)

soy sauce



some spice you like

What you need to do:

First you slice everything that needs to be sliced. Start with meat, then slice the vegetables. I used 2 whole paprikas and a bit of zucchini but you can slice whatever amout of vegetables you like.

Then use some spice you like. I used some weird Bulgarian spice that my mom bought on our holiday last year but you can use almost anything – red paprika, steak spice, curry… it’s entirely up to you! But you need to put the spice on the meat because you want it to taste good, right?

What I did next is that I put the meat on a pan and just waited for it to stop being all red and raw. When your like mid-done, you throw the vegetables in. Then you take a big mug or a bowl and start preparing the sauce. I used 1 dl of water, 3 spoons of soy sauce, 2 spoons of worcester and 2 spoons of ketchup. You can add salt if you like but in this case the Bulgarian spice was enough.

When you meat and vegetables are almost done, you just put the sauce right in. Don’t forget to stir it properly! After that you just make some couscous (or anything really, it goes nice for example with rice or bulghur) and there you have it. Perfectly easy and yummy dinner that even this clumsy person (ehm ehm, me) managed to do.

Anyway, I decided to start blogging more. I may end up not doing it because of the final exams and stuff but I decided to try really hard. Hopefully I won’t fail like I failed the last history test. But then again, who cares about the 1848 revolutions. Like really. That shit’s not interesting even a little bit.


Chicken with vegetables & couscous

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