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A thing I’ve been loving a lot for the last year is shopping in second-hands. Don’t get me wrong, I still like shopping in “normal shops” and I am no that poor to not be able to afford shopping somewhere else. It’s just something about second-hands that makes my little heart sing. And you know what? I decided to share that song with you!

Shopping in second-hand is everything. Not only is it fun and awesome (I’ll get to get later; now’s the time for the serious part), it is also the right thing to do. As you probably know, clothes can’t be just printed and neither do they fall out of the sky. They have to be made. Someone has to make them. And those can be people having great jobs and everything, but mostly (if you don’t shop in pricey boutiques) they have pretty crappy jobs with little income. Imagine being very young and having to spend most of the day working at terrible conditions so that everyone in the western world can buy something pretty everyday. That doesn’t sound nice now, does it?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should stop shopping completely. I mean, I do it too. I shop in those shops and I shop quite a lot… but there are alternatives. You don’t have to buy new clothes everytime you go shopping. You can go to second-hands and charity shops. You can do the right thing.

Anyway, I’m not here to judge anyone or to give some world-changing advice. I’m simply hear to express my opinion and have fun with blogging… therefore here comes the fun side of second-hands:

I am not the tiniest girl. I don’t have size 8. Shopping can sometimes be depressing for me because nothing fits. But in second-hands it feels quite different. There is usually only one random size of each piece of clothing, therefore it either fits or it doesn’t. I don’t have to try out every size and then find out neither of them are big enough. I don’t have to worry about my boobs being too big to fit in this dress or that shirt. I just have to try it out and if it doesn’t fit, that’s okay.

When I look at the pieces I picked up over the last year, I see many different tags. I see a dress in the size 16, I see a t-shirt sized 10, I see a man shirt sized M and heck I even see a blouse sized 8. Because you know what? It all fits! I would never try on something sized 8 in a normal shop. I wouldn’t dream of it. But then I go to second-hand and I do try it because it looks nice and interesting and maybe it could fit. And it does. It so fucking does and now I have it in my wardrobe and I can wear it and feel good about myself and get compliments because nobody else has a blouse like that. And you know what? It’s freaking amazing!

There are of course other advantages of second-hand shopping and charity shops. It is a great value for money and you can get unique vintage clothing that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. In addition, you can get pieces from shops that don’t even exist in you country. As I am from the Czech Republic, I don’t get to shop at Primark or River Island; we simply don’t have these shops here. But in my local second-hand there are many clothing items from the UK or America which is awesome and I love it!

Anyway, my point is… shopping in second-hands is great! It’s fun, inexpensive and a good deed. So try it out sometime. It doesn’t hurt, I promise.


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