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Apple & Cinnamon Smoothie

apple and cinnamon smoothie.jpg

Smoothies! Delicious and healthy looking snacks that I’ve been recently craving. The truth is I’ve never actually had a smoothie until now but I’ve always wanted one. They looked great and sweet and cool. I like cool food. It makes me feel like I’m cool. (Though I’m not. Probably because I think eating cool food will make me look cool. What a moron.)

Anyway, I decided to share with you my experience and my recipe for this great apple & cinnamon smoothie I made a few minutes ago.


2 apples

1 tsp of cinnamon

1 tsp of vanilla or almond aroma

1,5 tbsp of walnuts

1 tbsp of honey

1 cup of milk

optional: 1 tsp of seeds (I have a mixture of chia, sesame and sunflower seeds); you can also substitute honey with agave syrup or maple syrup (I actually used half a spoon of honey and half a spoon of agave syrup); my sister also likes to add a banana and says it’s even more delicious (I don’t eat bananas so I skipped this bit)

First you need to take the apples, wash them and get rid of their skin. Then you cut them on smaller pieces and put them into a blender. Then you add all the other ingredients and blend it until it has the desired texture. Then you just add a straw and there you have it. Perfect-tasting smoothie!

I hope you enjoyd my recipe at least as much as I enjoyd my first smoothie.


Let me know if you tried the recipe or if you have another great recipe for smoothies. Thanks!




2 thoughts on “Apple & Cinnamon Smoothie

  1. I actually made a smoothie about a month ago. I was forced to, kind of, because we had a bunch bananas at home and they were too ripe to eat just like that. So I decided to make a smoothie by just slicing and blending them with milk and a pinch of cinnamon. Delicious! And now I’m excited to try out your recipe, haha. 🙂


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