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Exams, getting into university and other crazy stuff.

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So, okay. I know. My last post is from February 16. Today is June 18. It’s been 4 months since my last upload. There are no proper excuses other than that I was really busy. Busy with my final exams, getting into university, finding a job etc. And you know what? Since I bailed hard on my blog, I thought I would write about the things I did instead.

Let’s start with a thing I mentioned in my first post on this blog: move to the UK. I should probably explain that. I haven’t moved yet but I’m going to. Why? Because in November I applied to different universities in the UK and I got some conditional offers. And now, since my exams are over and I met the conditions, these offers became unconditional. And I’m moving to Glasgow in September to study German and Italian at University of Glasgow!


(It’s true. Really. I’m not lying.)

As I said, I managed to pass my final exams. In the Czech Republic we have to pass exams called “Maturita13499667_10204900742478124_189200057_o“. It’s basically like A-Levels. Kind of. We have to pass some tests and oral exams in 4 different subjects – I chose Czech, English, German and Social Studies (btw., there were only two people in my class with this combination – me and my best friend Nanda). It wasn’t fun or easy. It was horrendous and the studying almost killed me. Like literally. I would sleep everyday for like 5 hours or less and then study all day. I lived on coffee, black tea and the idea of this being finally over in a month.

The preparation was horrible but necessary. And in the end, it was useful. I actually got like every question I didn’t want to talk about but I did it because I was ready. (I’m still a bit sad about the fact I didn’t get to talk about 20th century philosophy. I got stuck with International Relations. How boring.)

And you know what the best part was? I actually got the best grades you can get. Like when someone British gets A*A*A* (though I got 1111; you know, different coutry etc.) I know I must sound like a giant nerd right now but I was really happy and pr13453087_10204900780639078_1655120192_ooud.

I also got a summer job! Well, it’s a job and it’s for this summer but there’s actually nothing summery about it. I’m working as a shop assistant in this huge supermarket store. It’s what I’ve been busy doing for the last 18 days. I can honestly say that I love the fact I found a job but I really hate that I have to wake up almost every morning and go to work. But you know, the UK is expensive (like really, what the hell Britain, your accommodation costs literally four times as much as accommodation in the Czech Republic) and I need money to survive.

In the picture, you can see me. Don’t you judge, though. It was like 6 a.m., I had work clothes and no makeup on and it was a selfie taken with my shitty front camera on my phone.

I also went to Primark and spend a lot of money there. And I bought like billion new lipsticks. And I got my first contact lenses.

Aaaand… I’d like to start up a new thing called wonderlove. What it means is that everytime I post something, I have to send my wonderlove to something or someone. Like saying what I’m thankful for, you know. And this post’s wonderlove goes to my two best friends, Nanda and Dionne. They both helped me a lot during this crazy four months.



2 thoughts on “Exams, getting into university and other crazy stuff.

  1. Hey, thanks for wonderlovin’! :* I am really proud of you going to Scotland and though I’m gonna miss you soooo much I’m also very very happy you’re living your dreams. 🙂 Keep posting, beautiful. 🙂


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