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University Haul | Random Bits and Pieces

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This week I was feeling a bit bored so I decided to go out. Unfortunately, all my friends were busy. Or out of town. Or out of the country. So I had no other choice than to go all by myself. I’ve actually never done this, so it was an interesting experience. I grabbed a book (A Work in Progress by Connor Franta; I absolutely love this book; when I was out I read the chapter about labels and I must say I totally agree with what Connor says) and I went for a snack. And then… then I decided to do some shopping for university – you know, since I’m moving in a month (is it time to panick?).


First thing I bought was this apple-shaped mirror. I think that a small mirror is a uni must-have because if there’s no big mirror in my room and the bathroom is never empty, I will be screwed. Except I won’t since I got this amazing little mirror that reminds me of Snow White.

Price: 4,29 €


Another thing I bought were these little shoes. Well, not exactly shoes, more like socks… slippers is probably the word I’m looking for. I love the design (anything with little hearts I find adorable, I know, how tacky of me) and I think these will also be very useful in my room or in the common room in halls.

Price: 4,25 €


Now let’s move on to the stationery. I bought this cute pencilcase with little elephants. I needed a smaller pencilcase and honestly a new one because my current one doesn’t look its best. I found this one for a reasonable amount of money and I instantly fell in love with it.

Price: 5 €


To be honest, I do have a lot of notebooks. I love them and I buy them all the time. But this time, it wasn’t because the notebook was too cute to be left in the shop (which it is, don’t get me wrong) but because I wanted a new one for university. And I totally love love love this design and I just felt like I needed this to write my notes in (but I still haven’t decided for which subject will this one be).

Price: 2,80 €


Last but not least, I bought some pens. The markers were 0,99 €, the pen corrector was 0,49 € and the pens were 0,39 €. I bought these because I always lost things like this and I definitely needed new ones.

That’s everything I bought. Now I just have to go to work and work my butt off so I have enough money to survive in Glasgow. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

PS: My amazing wonderlove goes to the store PEPCO – they have the cutest things in there and the prices are just unbelievably low! 🙂



One thought on “University Haul | Random Bits and Pieces

  1. Yaaay, you finally wrote a post! (Believe me, I got really excited when I saw this on my Reader wall.) I absolutely love everything you bought – especially the mirror, it’s so adorable (and it totally reminds me of Snow White and Once Upon a Time, haha).
    The Star Wars notebook is the cutest thing ever – I love the pattern and the colours as well.
    And I also considered buying Connor’s book, but didn’t really know what to expect. Now that I have some sort of review, I can put it on my wishlist. 🙂
    Stay lovely, beautiful!

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