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Homemade Cheese French Fries | Cooking #2

homemade french fries.jpg

I am currently sick. That means I have a cold, I can’t properly talk and I spend a lot of time at home watching Orange Is The New Black. What it also means? I have a lot of cravings for bad food during the day. So I decided to make myself a junk-food dinner that is easy to make and freaking delicious. So here you go… my super-easy recipe for cheese french fries.


You will need:

potatoes (I used one medium-sized potato for 1 serving)

cheese (two slices/serving)

little bit of oil

salt (I used garlic salt instead, to make things more interesting)

What you need to do:

Slice your potatoes in the most even way you can. Pour some oil on a pan, start to heat it up. Put the potatoes on the pan. Once they start to turn gold-ish, add the bits of cheese on them. Add garlic salt (or regular salt). Wait until they are golden or even slightly burnt (depends on how you like your fries). And… you’re done! 🙂


As I said, simple, easy, quick and delicious.

This post’s wonderlove goes to Primark – their Superman pyjamas are what keeps me happy during these days (since I’m sick and I spend all day in them).



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