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Once Upon a Time: Regina Mills w/ Nanda | Makeup Tutorial #1


Me and my best friend Nanda are really into makeup. Like really, really, really into makeup. When we have sleepovers, we end up doing each other’s makeup like 99 % of the time. And since we both also blog (well, she actually blogs, I write like one post a year haha), we decided to do a little makeup challange/tutorial. And who else’s makeup should we recreate then the one of our favourite character from Once Upon a Time?


We bring you REGINA MILLS and the EVIL QUEEN makeup! (aka the best blog collab ever)

What we did was, that I borrowed Nanda’s face and she borrowed mine. My job was to create a makeup inspired by Regina Mills – I mean her Storybrooke self. Nanda then did a number on my face (jk) – she was inspired by the makeup, that we can see the Evil Queen rocking. Her tutorial can be found HERE, so check it out. She’s awesome and she did amazing job.

Note: Since we were at Nanda’s, we used her makeup products. To be honest, we have similiar things in our makeup bags, so it wasn’t a problem at all. If you are interested in the products, here is a list of everything she owns and here is also a review of all the products.

Nanda’s face before.


First, you have to do is moistuize your face. I used Nivea Makeup Starter which is both face cream and a primer. Then I applied some concealer by Catrice (Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer, 020 Light Beige, Catrice) – I honestly rave about this product to everyone, it is the best concealer I ever had (I actually bought it for my sister, tried it on, bought it for myself and convinced Nanda to buy it, too). I put the concealer under her eyes, on her nose and on some spots she had on her chin and cheek. I blended it with a wet makeup sponge.

After applying concealer, I put on her face some BB Cream (BB Cream 9-in-1, Light, Rimmel) and blend it all with the same makeup sponge I used before. Last but not least, I added some powder (Stay Matte Pressed Powder, 001 Transparent, Rimmel), just to set everything.



Regina has kind of a bronzed face compared to my poor little friend, so I couldn’t skip the whole bronzing and contouring process. I used Natural Bronzer (021 Sun Light, Rimmel) all over her face and I applied a bit more under her cheekbones. My friend already has a strong cheekbone game going on, so I didn’t have to try that hard. However I added some colour, because let’s face it, Regina is no Snow White.

I also highlighted her cheekbones and cupid’s bow a little bit using Illuminating Palette by Dermacol and added some purple-ish blusher on her cheeks (Multi Matt Blush, 020 La-Lavender, Catrice).




Eyes were definitely the main focus of this look. I used Essential Shimmers Eyeshadow Palette by Makeup Revolution, this Sephora Eyeshadow Palette (note: my friend doesn’t usually use this palette, we just needed the black eyeshadow so she had to dig a bit in her closet to find it) and Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil (001 Black Kohl Ink) by NYC.

First thing I did was that I applied an Eyshadow Primer by Avon all over her lids. Then I used the Sephora Palette – shade number 2 and put it all over the lids. Then I used the Makeup Revolution Palette (number 3 and 9) and worked it to the crease and the outter corners of her eyes. I also added a bit of number 10 from the Sephora Palette to make it a bit darker.


I took the eyeliner pencil and I drew a small line just above her eyelashes. I smudged it with a small eyeshadow brush. Then I took number 12 from the Sephora Palette and worked it more into the crease and the outter corners of her eyes. This was a pretty delicate job because you have to be really careful when using black eyeshadow.


I filled in my friend’s eyebrows with Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit (shade Medium) by Makeup Revolution and I added my all-time favourite mascara by Maybelline – Lash Sensational Mascara.


Regina often wears a darker red-ish shade of lipstick – something that stands out. I decided to experiment with lipsticks a little so I applied Kate Moss Matte Lipstick (shade 107) by Rimmel as a first coat and then just a splash of Colour Sensational Lipstick (shade 540, Hollywood Red) by Maybelline.

And… that was it! Regina makeup done!


And here’s for comparison:


Let me know if you enjoyed this post – I definitely did. Regina is my favourite OUAT character and trying to recreate something of her makeup essence was amazing. You should check out Nanda’s post HERE – things got even more darker with her Evil Queen makeup.

And this post’s wonderlove goes to Lana’s snapchat. She’s so funny and bubbly, you should definitely follow her. 🙂



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