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Vegan Week: Monday | Chickpeas burgers, organic shop, park

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Yep. I’m back. Are you happy? (I know you probably don’t care… aaaanyway.)

So I’ve been thinking about veganism and being vegan for a long time. And when I say long time, I don’t mean a month. I actually mean 3 years now. But I’ve never really had the guts to do it because back home it isn’t a popular thing and having to explain myself to everyone didn’t seem like something I wanted to be bothered with. The other problem with me becoming vegan is that I can’t just do big changes at once. I need to get slowly into it. Hence for the past months I’ve been trying to cut off meat (especially red meat) and dairy (especially milk, I hate milk anyway, lactose makes me a bit sick and milk the most). And now I decided to make another step – vegan week! The name is kind of self-explanatory – the idea is I will only eat vegan things this week (well, Monday to Friday anyway, weekend is my roommate cooking and I don’t know what she’s gonna do). So here I am, a brand new vegan – well, at least for this week anyway.

I decided to keep everyone even slightly interested informed about the things I do. I actually promised myself as well that I would go out for more walks – therefore this isn’t just a vegan week, it’s vegan and nature week. Or something like that. But let’s just call it vegan week.

So… breakfast. As you can see from this post, I’m not the biggest fan of breakfast. But I try. I had two slices of bread with jam and a glass of almond milk. And black tea, of course. It wasn’t much but it was enough to keep me going.

I had to go to my two Italian lectures (the first one was at 10 am) and I finished at 12 am. My school is really close to Kelvingrove Park and so is my accommodation so I decided to go through the park. I actually took some nice pictures and I’m gonna share them with you so you can see the beautiful green scenery that Scotland can be proud of.


Before I got home, I actually went to my new favourite shop – Roots&Fruits. They are an organic shop with loads and loads of delicious vegan things. I absolutely love it there. They have two stores in Glasgow and I think someone said they have them in some other cities as well. I bought a big berry vegan yoghurt, spelt bread (literally the best bread I had since I arrived in the UK) and 5 satsumas (only for 1 pound! all five of them! yeah! I think so too!). Then I went to Sainsbury’s and I bought some oatmeal cookies (just plain ones, to eat with the yoghurt or when I want to snack on something).

And then… lunch. I had to cook lunch. I really wanted to try to do some vegan burgers, so I decided to make some today. Why not, right? I used chickpeas, tofu, carrot, onion, red paprika, salt, pepper, mix herbs. Then I put it in the oven for couple of minutes, cut cucumber and other veggies and I voilá:


They were pretty delicious and I couldn’t be happier about them. Well, I could – I still need to figure out how to make them hold together (they were falling apart a lot). But taste-wise, they were amazing. I would definitely suggest you try them as well! (They are really easy, too. I could do a full recipe blog post if you want to.)

After lunch I studied a bit, took a nap, watched some youtube videos, downloaded an app with rain sounds (soooo relaxing, I played some while I was napping and it was the best nap I had these last weeks). Then I needed to make some dinner. I decided to go for something more simple, so I took some spelt bread and red pepper hummus. You really can’t go wrong with hummus. I also had one satsuma and an apple and raspberry smoothie by Innocent.


Then I just took a shower, did some more studying and made some camomille tea – we are now gonna watch Doctor Who with my roommate, so I’m gonna drink the tea and snack on some cookies with the soya yoghurt. And I’ll be back with another post tomorrow! 🙂


PS: My wonderlove goes to Roots&Fruits. They are just amazing for everyone, not even vegans! Trust me and try the out if you can.


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