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Vegan Week: Tue-Fri | Amazing food and Stressful Essay Writing

vegan week 2.jpg
(This was taken on my way to buy tofu. I quite like this photo, it’s kind of calming.)

So… vegan week is now officialy over and I totally failed in my attempt to write an article everyday. I got some of the material but I didn’t have enough time to do it. Why, you ask? Because I had to finish my essay for Philosophy (damn you, Descartes!) and I, obviously, put my school work first. So I worked a lot this week and I didn’t blog about it… but never mind that, I’m doing it now!

I have to say that vegan week was an amazing experience. I totally enjoyed looking for alternatives and I felt really great. Of course, I had cravings for cheese and chocolate. But otherwise I was okay. I definitely came to the conclusion I could kind of easily become pescaterian or maybe even vegeterian. I’m definitely not ready to be a full time vegan just yet but… you know… small steps count.

I decided to share with you some of the things I ate. I forgot to take a picture of Thursday’s lunch though – which is a pity. But I had polenta slices with prepared spinach (not only leaves but with garlic and salt and pepper and cooked in soya milk – it’s a traditional Czech thing and it was delicious!) and it was so good I’ll probably do it again really soon; so if you want to see how to do it, just let me know; I can do a blog post!


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Well, this is actually it. My vegan week. If you want to know more about the recipes or about anything, really, just let me know. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Also, this post’s wonderlove goes to Kelvingrove park. I’m honestly in love with that place. :’)



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