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Christmas Gift Ideas Under £10.00

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I love Christmas. It’s my favourite time of the year. Everyone is happier, kinder and there is a soft scent of cinnamon in the air. It just makes me feel wonderful.

My favourite part of Christmas is presents. Not only receiving them but giving them. I love thinking of different sorts of things my friends and family would enjoy and I love to see the look on their faces when I actually give it to them. However, I do realize that not everyone is the same gift-giving freak as I am and not everyone always has ideas. That’s why I came up with this gift guide under £10.00 (they are this inexpensive because if you are a student like me, you probably want to buy some nice presents without losing all your money; they are also great stocking fillers).

1) Hot Water Bottle (Sweet Snuggles) – £6.00

9025487765534.jpgEveryone has that one friend that is always cold. Or maybe that friend that is usually not cold but then that friend goes to university and suddenly he’s freezing because the heating is never on (ehm ehm, me). This is the perfect gift for them! Sweet Snuggles always have the cutest Christmas range and this water bottle is not an exception. I actually bought one for myself and my mom. I am totally obsessed with it and I honestly think most people would really appreciate this!

You can get get this bottle in Superdrug – they usually cost £10.00 but now they have them only for £6.00!

2) Busy Life Diary 2017: Floral (Busy B) – £9.99

5549_busy_life_diary_floral_packshot_1This is, again, something I have bought for myself. I think it is the perfect gift for your busy friend or family member – you can view your personal schedule week-by-week on the left and another one (maybe for your job or studies) on your right. I think this is absolutely brilliant because now I can have my job and personal life seperated from my uni work. The diary also has a cute floral design and inside there are more handy things like storage pockets and overviews! You can get it in WHSmith or online.

3) Earl Grey Christmas Caddy (Twinings) – £6.00

earl-grey-100-caddyEveryone I know loves tea. Tea is the best company when you are cold, tired, bored, cosy, happy or sad. Tea is a thing that everyone wants to get under their Christmas tree, even if they haven’t really thought about it before.

Twinings is one of my favourite tea brands. They have the best black tea (which is my favourite). If you know someone who is obsessed with drinking tea, why not give them a nice box with for example delicious Earl Grey! They are also Christmas themed now, so hurry up and go buy them!

4) World Wall Map (Collins) – £9.99

collins-mapThis is, in my opinion, one of the best gifts I ever thought of. My friend Denisa is really obsessed with travelling and wants to travel the whole world. I wanted to give her something like this for a long time and I finally decided to do it! I bought her this huge world wall map by Collins (I got it at WHSmith and you can also get it online) and the plan is to give her a marker as well – she can now mark all the places she visited or wants to visit!

This gift is honestly perfect because it is sentimental and kind of useful – she will remember all the places she visited (and she’s travelling to Indonesia this summer so that will be an interesting mark on her map!).

5) Christmas DVD (Amazon) – £2.99-£10.00

polarA DVD is always a very nice gift to receive. Why not do something Christmas themed and buy your friend or family member their favourite Christmas film on DVD? Or maybe a film you think they would like. My personal favourite are Love Actually, Polar Express or Home Alone! You can also spend as much money as you want to – the price range on Amazon starts at £2.99 (and maybe you can find something even cheaper) and you can honestly buy as many DVDs as you like. Maybe you can do like a set of your/their favourite films! I think everyone would appreciate the sentiment. Just go on Amazon and look for whatever you think is the best!

6) Sudoku Cube (Mensa) – £8.00

sudokIf you have that really clever friend that always knows everything, this is an awesome idea! It’s like a Rubik’s Cube but a Sudoku Cube! That will definitely take them some time to solve, won’t it? I actually bought this for my friend who is super smart and I can’t wait to see how long it will take him. (I hope it will take some time but… who knows. I only know I wouldn’t be able to solve it.) And how to get this Cube? I bought mine in Waitrose (and I also think they have them in Tesco’s).

7) Book Lovers Mug (Ginger Fox) – £8.00

mugAs the cube was for your Maths-enthusiastic friend, I also found this for you literature-obsessed friends! The first time I saw this mug, I instantly thought it was amazing! It has all different novels on it and your books-loving friend can see how many of them they have actually finished! Plus mug is a really practical gift – everyone needs something to drink from. You can get it online here.

Tip: If you want to spend more money on your friend or family member, why not buy this mug and some tea as well?

8) Cute Koala Flash Drive (Amazon) – £8.89

koala-usbAs a student, I learnt to appreciate the more useful gifts. Flash Drives are the things that always get lost somewhere and everyone always needs them. Why not buy someone this cute koala flash drive that I found on Amazon? You can also get many different animals (but I really liked the koala one). This gift is not only incredibly adorable but also super handy! Just look on Amazon.

9) Skurar Plant Pot (Ikea) – £5.00

skurar-plant-pot-in-outdoor-off-white__0114581_pe267098_s4Remember Denisa – the travel enthusiast I mentioned earlier? She also loves nature. If you have someone in your life who loves nature and/or flowers, I would suggest you buy them a beautiful plant pot and maybe even some seeds of their favourite flower (or of your favourite flower; I am probably going to buy Denisa a flower called African violet as I think it is the perfect flower for her). I found this gorgeus plant pot in Ikea – just check it out.

10) Marvel Avengers Power Bank (Ryman) – £9.99

1635010010The last present is again something useful – a power bank. But if you don’t want to buy a boring grey one, I think this Marvel one could be something for you. Honestly, most of my friends either really love Marvel or at least kind of appreciate it. If you know someone like that (maybe your cousin? mine would love it!), this is definitely the perfect gift for them. They can fangirl (or fanboy?) about Marvel and have their phone charged at the same time! And where to get it? Try Ryman!


And there you have it. These are my top 10 gift ideas under £10. I hope this article gave you some inspiration and ideas about what to give to someone for Christmas. Enjoy this wonderful time! 🙂

This post’s wonderlove goes to hot chocolate with a sprinkle of cinnamon. It’s been my faithful companion during these last few days. And I love it.



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