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Mojito Recipe | Fun Girls Night with Coctails

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Do you remember my collab with Nanda? Well, not only did we do each other’s makeup that day, we also had a fun sleepover… with mojitos! This recipe has been a really long time coming but here it is: our Mojito recipe! (Warning: Do not drink it fast. It does not end up good. Not that I would know something about it…)

This recipe is actually very simple – we are not some coctail specialists so we needed something simple, quick and delicious. If you are like us, this is going to be your favourite coctail of all time!


You will need:

white rum

sparkling water

brown sugar


mint leaves

ice (cubes are probably the best)

glasses and cute straws because you want it to look amazing!

What you need to do:

Slice the limes and cut the mint leaves into smaller pieces. Put them in a glass, add some brown sugar (add as much as you like – depends on how sweet you want the drink). Take something to squash the ingredients in the glass (you don’t have to use anything special, a fork or a spoon will do). Add circa two shots of white rum and fill the rest of the glass with sparkling water. Add ice, straws and maybe a cute slice of lime.



And you’re done! Now you just have to drink it and have fun. Let me know if you try this recipe. I am definitely looking forward to do this one again!

This post’s wonderlove goes to my new Christmas socks that my roommate gave me for Nikolaustag. I absolutely adore them!



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