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Visiting York & Meeting Mark Gatiss | UK Travels


17.30 I am sitting in the waiting room at the York Railway Station. My train leaves in an hour but since my phone is completely dead I can’t go for a nice quick walk along the city walls. Plus I’m still freaking out a bit so it wouldn’t be a casual stroll anyway. More like a hysterical run with some intense crying of a fangirl. HE’S A REAL PERSON. asdfghjkl!!!


Let’s start from the beginning.

3.50 Generic Samsung alarm melody echoes through the room. Time to wake up!


As much as I hate getting out of my warm and comfortable bed, I am excited for the day ahead. I am going to York! Beautiful city in the north of England that I’ve only been to once before – and that was on my first ever trip to the UK. I was twelve. I lost some money because of my inability to speak English. I was going to marry Robert Pattinson. Well… Le’’s just say a lot has changed.

The 2009 me in York. I was soo stylish back then!

After two minutes of lying in bed and hoping that the alarm sound was just a cruel nightmare, I finally got up. Trying my best not to wake up my roommate, I grabbed all my things and got ready in a surprisingly clean communal bathroom. Then I went to our not-so-clean kitchen to prepare some food. You know. So I don’t starve in York.

4.50 Toot toot! Your taxi driver is approaching…

4.55 Oops. Seems like I miscalculated how much time it’d take from my house to Glasgow Central Station. I’m more than an hour early!

(Just so you know, I was not surprised at all. This happens. All. The. Time.)

6:01 My train is finally leaving. Let’s see how long I’ll manage to stay awake.

9:45 I’m here! I actually did it. Honestly, at one point I thought I would just sleep all the way to Exeter. That would not be good.

10:00 Okay. Makeup done in a questionable station bathroom. Here comes the fun part: trying to find my way to Grand Opera House using google and my ‘amazing’ map skills. This is going to be a wild ride.

10.20-14:00 I found it. Achievement unlocked. Now it’s time for exploring York city centre and maybe some mild shopping. But nothing too excessive…

Okay. So… I went to Lush, Paperchase, Boots… I wouldn’t call it excessive but it definitely wasn’t mild.

My notes from York:

1) It’s as beautiful as I remember it from my Twihard period. Very historical yet green. I could even see myself living here. One day. Maybe. God knows what will happen over the next couple of years, right?

2) So. Many. Street. Artists. I love it.

3) The walls around the city are just beautiful and I bet it’s an amazing hang-out spot. Or dating spot. Or just reading-alone-because-I-have-no-friends sport. Just perfect.

4) The whole city is just amazing. There are so many little streets where you can get lost and every building is so pretty. You can feel the artistic, historical and little bit quirky soul of the city. And you know what? I felt like I belonged.




14:25 Grand Opera House. Surprisingly, I am early.

Maybe now it’s time to explain this trip to York. In January, after finishing the last season of Sherlock, I was googling Mark Gatiss. As you do, of course, when you think someone is a writing genius. And I came across this website that said he’s going to be in York for a literature festival. ‘A conversation with Mark Gatiss’. I immediately decided that I have to go to York to see him. I absolutely adore him as an actor (I mean, Mycroft is my favourite character) but as a writer… I look up to him. He is my inspiration and I love his work (Lucifer Box books, Sherlock, Doctor Who, The League of Gentlemen etc.). And what’s better than seeing someone you admire live?


So I went. To York. To see him.

14:30 Because I was early, I decided to look around. They were selling some merchandise, including some of Mark’s books that I haven’t read. I bought a book called ‘The Devil in Amber’ (another Lucifer Box book).

15:00 Mark Gatiss… IS REAL!

17:00 Mark Gatiss leaves the stage. Everyone’s clapping and I am amazed. He was so funny and witty and this just made me adore him even more. (Plus there was a conversation about Doctor Who. Which I loved. Because it’s Doctor Who.)

Wait, did they just say something about book signing??!?!!

17:15 He signed my book.

He signed the book I just bought a couple hours ago. Is this the best day ever or what?

(And he spelled my name right!)

(And I was a bit awkward. But, you know, that’s just me. Awkward and tense all the time.)


18:30 Bye, York! See you soon. (Hopefully.)


This post’s wonderlove goes to York. And Mark Gatiss. And this amazing day that I will never forget.



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