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3 Ways to Remove Makeup | Comparison

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If you are a girl, chances are that you wear makeup. Whether you only use the bare minimum or treat your makeup as a full-face art, at the end of the day you will have to take all those products off. But what’s the best way to do that? Well, that’s what this post is all about!

In all my makeup years, I’ve tried many different ways to remove my makeup. There are probably hundreds of them but trying to include them all would be impossible and probably not helpful since it can be very overwhelming. I decided to include the three ways that I have used the most over the years and that have proven good in multiple occasions. I will compare them, weigh the pros and cons and you can then decide which one you like the best.

These are the three I will be talking about:

1) Face wipes

2) Cotton pads & Makeup Remover

3) Face cloth & Cream Makeup Remover


This is the naughty way, the one that you should try to avoid. I definitely had a period (aka my first semester at university) of using these much more often than I should have. They are the quickest, easiest and laziest way to get makeup off your face.

How to use them: It’s very self-explanatory, really. You take the wet wipe and remove your makeup. If you’re a full-face makeup person, you will probably need more than one wipe.


  • They are inexpensive and you can find them in most stores.
  • Really quick and easy, you don’t really need anything else to go with them.
  • Good when you are really tired (e.g. after a night out).
  • Very useful when travelling. You don’t have to carry too many things and also it’s quite good when travelling by plane since you don’t have to worry about liquids.


  • They don’t remove your makeup properly – using them often without any additional care can lead to clogged pores.
  • They can leave your face feeling all wet and greasy.


I have used cotton pads since I can remember using makeup. My mom would always use them and most of my friends would use them so I’d do the same. Cotton pads used with a liquid or sometimes a cream makeup remover are, in my opinion, the most traditional way of removing your makeup.

How to use them: You need cotton pads (whatever size you prefer, I usually go for the standard circle ones) and a makeup remover of your preference. Apply some product on the cotton pad and then gently remove your makeup.


  • A proper way to clean your face, can remove most of the makeup you’re wearing (I’d still suggest using a cleanser afterwards too).
  • Cotton pads are inexpensive and easy to get.
  • You can use either liquid or cream makeup remover.


  • It takes a lot of time to remove everything completely.
  • Not very environmental friendly as you end up using a lot of cotton pads.
  • Sometimes the cotton pads can’t remove all your eye makeup (I always have a problem with my mascara, even if I use a special eye makeup remover). They can also get a bit dry which is not pleasant, especially around your eyes (this could be solved by using a damp cotton pad).


Probably my favourite way of removing makeup. I discovered it quite recently and I fell in love with it. There is something about using a warm damp cloth on your face that just feels so right.

How to use it: Take your cream makeup remover and apply it straight to your face. Really rub it in (you can do a quick face massage here too) and make sure it’s all over your face. Take a face cloth and soak it in warm water. Wring out the cloth as much as you can then use it to gently remove your makeup.


  • Compared to cotton pads this is quicker and less wasteful (you can wash the dirty cloth and reuse it again).
  • Removes your makeup perfectly and completely.
  • Your face feels nice and fresh after using this method.
  • Gentle way to remove your makeup.
  • Face cloths are relatively cheap and can be found in most drugstores (e.g. the one in Boots costs £2.50).


  • Very inconvenient when travelling places as you have to deal with a damp cloth.
  • Cannot be used with any liquid makeup removers.


I hope this post has been at least somewhat helpful. In the end, we all have to decide for ourselves whether we want to go for the classic cotton pads, lazy makeup wipes or the fancy face cloths. Or maybe you have your own even better method of removing your makeup (if you do, share it in the comment section!). Whatever the case – just remember to always remove your makeup! You don’t want to look all wrinkly once you’re older. 🙂

This post’s wonderlove goes to all my amazing friends that celebrated my 20th birthday with me – I got some amazing memories (and gifts) that I shall treasure for the rest of my life.



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