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Picnic With Friends | Spring Is Here


Since it has been getting warmer and warmer everyday (even in Glasgow!) I have been feeling very spring-y/summer-y. I crave coctails and ice-cream, I dream of sunbathing on the beach and I spend most of my time thinking about topics such as “do I need another bikini” or “which sunglasses should I wear”.

One of the things I love most about spring and summer is that it is finally warm enough to spend some quality time with your friends… outside! You can do a vast variety of things: swimming in the lake, going for a hike, drinking lemonade and talking about your lives, and… having a picnic!

To get this out of the way: I love picnics. There’s food, the sun, friends, fresh air and fun. You can talk for hours, play boardgames, run around and really just anything that you want. Last year I had a picnic with my two lovely friends – we did all of those things I just mentioned (including playing a Twilight boardgame which was so much fun – ironically the one who hadn’t read the books was the one that won the game – right, Nanda?). It was great and it’s become one of my favourite memories of last year’s summer.

Here are some photos I took that day:



So… if it’s all warm and sunny where you live too, why don’t have a nice picnic outside? You can invite your friends and I promise – you will have the best time! 🙂

This post’s wonderlove goes to Nanakusa – a Japanese restaurant in Glasgow that I recently had the opportunity to eat in. I loved it sooo much – the food was just amazing and the lovely interior, pleasant atmosphere and cute waiters just made the experience fantastic. Can’t wait to go there again!



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