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3 Beauty Brands the UK Needs


Since moving to the UK I have spent a good amount of time browsing and shopping in local drugstores. And to be honest, most of them are better than the shops in the Czech Republic – bigger, with beauty brands I haven’t previously heard of, and located around every corner. I fell in love with going to Boots and just checking what’s new in store and what products I need to buy once I get my pay-check.

However, not everything can be perfect. There are some brands that I love and that I was used to having access to – brands that the UK desperately needs!

Here are the top 3 of these brands:

1) Alverde Naturkosmetik

Alverde is by far the one brand that I’m missing the most – everyday when it’s time to go and have a shower I get sad that I cannot use my favourite Alverde shampoos.

Alverde is a DM brand that specializes at natural cosmetics. This brand was launched in the year 1989 in Germany and came to the Czech Republic in 2002. They have a wide range of products: shampoos and conditioners, hair masks, face wash, body wash, moisturizers but also decorative cosmetics – one of my favourite brown lipsticks are from Alverde.

(If you’re interested in reading a bit more about this brand, check DM website [warning: it’s in German] or my friend Nanda’s post where she reviews some Alverde products).

Why I love it:

  • natural cosmetics
  • silicon-free and vegan products
  • low price-range but good quality products

Favourite products:

  • Lipstick (23 Simply Brown)
  • Hair Butter Repair: Avocado & Sheabutter
  • Shampoo Repair: Avocado & Sheabutter

2) Manufaktura

This brand was launched in Prague 1991 and its specialization is on natural cosmetics that are perfect for your own home spa treatments. All the products are produced in the Czech Republic with fresh ingredients (such as beer, wine, fruit, herbs, salts etc.).

Manufaktura cosmetics falls in the middle price range but the products are of very high quality and they feel luxurious (plus they look luxurious, too… and the smell! oh goody). You can buy anything from shampoos, moisturizers, shower gels, to beautiful soaps and healing mud masks.

Why I love it:

  • natural cosmetics
  • don’t test on animals
  • luxurious, great for treating yourself

Favourite products:

  • whole Dead Sea range (especially the shampoo and peeling)
  • all their soaps (great for your bathroom hand soap)

3) Catrice

Catrice is another German brand on my list – and it’s a great one. Catrice is famous in many different countries (including the US, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Bulgaria) and they offer great-value makeup products. Many of my friends that don’t come from the UK rave about this brand and say that they miss it here. And they’re right to… Catrice is all around the world and it’s great, so why can’t I find it in Boots or Superdrug? Come on!

Why I love it:

  • they don’t test on animals
  • wide range of products (everything you could need; lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundations, powders, …)
  • good value for money (prices around the same as Rimmel)

Favourite products:

  • Liquid Camouflage – High Coverage Concealer (010 Porcelain)
  • The Modern Matt Collection Eyeshadow Palette
  • Multi Matt Blush (020 La-Lavender)

So these are the brands that I miss the most. Seriously, UK, you’re one of the top countries when it comes to shopping – so I suggest you take on some of these brands, too. They’re great and I love them dearly.

This post’s wonderlove goes to coffee. What would I do without you, my dear caffeine friend, during these hard (exam) times?



2 thoughts on “3 Beauty Brands the UK Needs

  1. I’m glad we have Catrice here (in CZ), haha. Loved the post. Maybe you could do something like this again, but reverse? You know, recommend some UK cosmetics brands we don’t have. I’d love to read that. 😉 xo


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