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My Favourite Place in Glasgow | Glasgow #1


We all have it. A place that makes us feel something special. A place that we want to visit again and again and again just to have the amazing atmosphere all around us.

I don’t have many of these places – I don’t feel like this very often. But I found one place in Glasgow that I love and cherish and that always makes me feel happy and infinite whenever I’m there.

The place is nothing special really – you wouldn’t find it on tourist maps or guides. It’s just a place.

There are huge building with colourful lights, the river Clyde and many many bridges. I can’t explain why but everytime I’m there I get this warm feeling in my chest. Maby it’s the majestic river and being surrounded by huge buildings. Maybe it’s the nighttime peace. Maybe it’s just something uxeplainable and more mysterious.

But in the end, it doesn’t matter anyway.

Because I love this place.

And I will always want to come back.




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