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June Favourites

June Favourites

I know. What an original idea.

I’ve wanted to do ‘favourites’ for two reasons: I love seeing what other people love, and I love talking about what I love. So this always seemed like the perfect thing for me to do – and now it’s here. Finally.

1) Makeup Revolution Scandalous Lipstick in the colour Depraved

amazing-lipstick-67876_0_prodI’ve had this lipstick for a while – it was one of the first things I bought when I moved to Glasgow in September. Since then, I’ve used it on a couple of occasions but as you can see, it is not a shade you can wear every day (or I can’t because I’m not cool enough). Since it’s now summer and the time of festivals and parties (like I go to parties, lol) it feels more appropriate to wear this kind of lipstick. So I wore it to a festival I went to and I just loved it. I’m obsessed with this lipstick – it’s edgy, fun, colourful and quirky: everything that I aspire to be.

You can get it in Superdrug for just £1 which is ridiculously cheap – and to be honest, the quality is much better than what you’d expect for a £1 lipstick.

coconut-shampoo2) Inecto Naturals Coconut Shampoo

When I came home from Glasgow, I found this shampoo in our bathroom. And I constantly fell in love with it. It is a vegan friendly shampoo with 90 % of natural ingredients. The smell is amazing and after using it for a month and a half my hair feels so much better and healthier. I have recommended it to some of my friends and now I’m recommending it to you. The price is not very high as well, and you get a very big bottle (one of them lasted for more than a month for 3 women which I think is amazing). Definitely check it out.

3) MONTBLANC Lady Emblem L’Eau Perfume

o.46468I got this from my aunt for my 20th birthday and I absolutely love it! First, let me just say that the bottle is gorgeous – it looks like a star and I can’t stop looking at it. Second of all – that smell! It’s amazing. I think it’s the best smelling perfume I ever owned. I can’t really describe it very well – it’s both fruity and floral and it’s very soft (which is exactly what I like in perfumes). Most website say there’s a mixture of peach, lychee, roses and magnolia which doesn’t mean much to me but it might to you. The only thing I need to know is that I love it and could look at it and smell it all day long.

4) Music Festival: Vysmáté Léto 2017 in Kadaň, Czech Republic

My friend Natalie and I went to this music festival that my parents bought me tickets for (as a birthday present). We were both really, really excited about it and we were right so. It was our first musical festival ever and we enjoyed every minute of it – there were many artists and bands there (I think they were mostly Czech); I especially loved Mandrage who are a famous Czech band with some very popular songs that every Czech person knows. I loved their songs, their stage presents and their lead singer (not gonna lie, he is hot and a bit weird – so just my type, haha).

We drank a lot of raspberry lemonade (Czech speciality) and ate some festival food (kebabs! pancakes! yay!). Overall we just had so much fun and I’m seriously considering going to this festival next year as well! Here are some of the pictures that Natalie took (thanks for letting me use them).

She also wrote a post on her blog about the festival so if you are interested in learning more and seeing more pictures, definitely check it out. Also look up Mandrage on youtube – it might be kind of cool, listening to a famous Czech band that probably no one will know (unless you’re Czech or Slovak, of course). Some of their popular songs are: Hledá se žena (en: Looking for a woman), Františkovy lázně (en: František’s Spa), Ona se smála (en: She laughed), Už mě víckrát neuvidíš (en: You will see me no more – this is my personal favourite!).

5) Doctor Who: Season 10

pearl-mackie-peter-capaldi-doctor-who-bbcaOh my, oh my. I can’t even. This was just brilliant.

As a big Doctor Who fan, this makes me so happy. The last season of Doctor Who was just amazing and I can’t even put it in words how much I loved it. I have to admit that I wasn’t a big fan of the last couple of seasons (though I love Peter Capaldi very much, I wasn’t enjoying many Doctor Who episodes since mid-season 7 – not all of them were bad but many of them weren’t my cup of tea). But this season… this season… just genius.

First, let me just say this: I love Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. There’s something about him that I just find so intriguing and fascinating. Moreover, I love Nardole very much (Matt Lucas is just great!) and I learnt to love Missy (like LOVE with capital letters, she is hilarious). BUT the best thing about this season for me was definitely the new companion played by Pearl Mackie, Bill Potts. I loved her. She was sassy, she was passionate, she was caring and she was interesting. She brought back some of the Donna-ness that I missed that much but she was original in her own way and made all the episodes so much better. I honestly couldn’t wait for the next episode and was very excited for it to be weekend already, just so I can watch another one.

Well, I’m definitely buying the DVD. (And I can’t wait to see Pearl in more stuff, she is just amazing and I feel honoured that I got to watch her in Doctor Who).

6) Ant and Dec

Okay, this is a weird one, I know. But let me explain.

stažený souborAs a non-British person, I have to admit that I’ve never heard of Ant and Dec. I didn’t know who they were or what they did or anything. But when I moved to Glasgow and BGT went on, I started watching the show (guilty pleasure right there, I just love the happiness on people’s faces when they get four yeses) – and I fell in love with this duo. They are funny and a bit weird (in a good way) and I spent many days watching some of their videos on Youtube. I’m definitely going to watch Saturday Night Takeaway when it’s on next year.

If you are, as me, a non-British person, you should check them out. Just type Ant and Dec in Youtube and you’ll get loads and loads of material. Trust me, it’s addictive.

7) Austenland: both book and the film

AUSTENLAND_2013_TH_MLF-WW-artworkLast but not least, I have to talk about Austenland. On one afternoon (late June) I decided that I wanted to watch some sort of a romantic comedy (as I want to most of the time, I just love them, I’m trash, I know) – and I stumbled upon this thing. Austenland – a film about a Jane Austen fan that is very much in love with Mr Darcy. This girl, Jane Hayes, decided to go on this vacation – the real Jane Austen experience. She lives in a big house, has to wear the clothes they wore in Austen time and gets courted by some very nice gentlemen. I mean, what’s not to love? I watched it instantly. And then I watched it again. Yes, on the same exact day – I’ve watched it twice. Because I just thought it was the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen and I just didn’t know what else to do with my life then do relive this experience once more. (And I also watched it again the day after that. Oops.)

Starring Keri Russell, Bret McKenzie, JJ Field and Jennifer Coolidge (all of them are brilliant!). Trust me, you need to watch this. Right. Now.

After watching it for the third time, I also found out that there’s a book. I’ve already read it, of course – and I loved it so much! The book is a bit more romantic compared to the film which is mostly just hilarious. But both of them are wonderful and let me just say – I gained a new crush on one of the male characters (won’t say which one but if you watch, you’ll know).

This is it for this post. Let me know in the comments what thing you have been loving during this summer month or if you know some of the things I mentioned.

Have a nice day and don’t forget to smile a lot, it’s healthy!



2 thoughts on “June Favourites

  1. Loved this post! Every one of these things is putting me into “I need this in my life right now” kind of mood. I loooove the looks of the perfume, it’s just magical; I’ll definitely try out the shampoo, I really liked the scent when I washed my hair with it at your place. And Austenland, OMG! I need to watch this as soon as possible and perhaps buy the book as well. (Although my bookshelves are literally full, but there’s never enough books in one’s life, is it?)


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