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A 5 Day Trip to Slovakia | Day 1: Bratislava


A 5 Day Trip to Slovakia

My friend Denisa and I have planned to make a short trip through Slovakia since the day we realized we haven’t really been to the country which used to be one with ours. And what better time to travel then summer holidays? I would be back home in the Czech Republic and we would both have a lot of free time on our hands. So we decided to pack our huge bags and discover the wonders of Slovakia.

I wanted to do just one post of the whole trip but there were too many photos and stuff I wanted to say so I decided to split the trip to 3 parts – and part one is all about our first day in Slovakia: and we went straight to the capital of the country, Bratislava.

Now, a little backround. Neither of us has ever been to Bratislava but we really wanted to see the city. Luckily, Denisa made a friend on her trip to Indonesia (where she was volunteering) and he kindly offered to show us the city: so we had our own private guide – moreover, a guide with interesting stories to tell, a car and a lot of delicious vegan food. What more can a traveller hope for? Thank you, Lukáš! You really made the most of our one day stay and I personally really loved every bit of it.

Prague Main Station – where our trip began.
Bratislava Castle and our first stop. It’s a lot smaller than I would expect and completely different to Prague Castle which was very suprising. The building is beautiful though and it wasn’t very crouded.


As I said, it wasn’t very crouded. Denisa and I talked a lot about how Bratislava is beautiful but not filled with people and tourists – which makes it one of the few capital cities that I find livable.


This is the view from the Castle. We met a guy from Belarus (I think) here – he asked if we could take a photo of him with the view. Funny thing was that once we got talking we found out that he actually visited Sumatra, too – just like Denisa and Lukáš (that is where they met).


Then we went up Slavín which is a hill with a very good view on the whole city. There are graves and monuments of fallen Russian warriors.


Unfortunately I only have this picture of the monument with Lukáš in it. Oh well, never mind. 
As I said, it was a nice view.
This is where Lukáš parked his car. I think he used to live in this building – I found the architecutre very interesting even though it’s not kept that well.
Inverted pyramid! Aka the Building of Slovak Radio.
A fountain. Without water. Yep, we were also devastated (mainly because it was sooo hot and cold water would be really nice).
Someone important was here or something happened. To be honest, I forgot. Sorry.



Lukáš, Denisa and I.


This woman was really interesting and I still have no idea what it was she was playing. But it sounded good!


Bratislava Old Town.





Do you see the ball under the clock? It’s supposed to be a ball from Napoleon’s cannon.
Denisa and Napoleon. Well… Denisa and a statue of Napoleon.


Denisa and Lukáš in front of the place at which we stopped for cold lemonade and beers.


Slovak National Theatre.
We found this stall with vegan icecream and Lukáš was so kind to buy us some. I had a strawberry flavoured one and it was soooo delicious!
UFO Observation Deck!


See how some of the streets are empty? This just doesn’t happen in most capital cities, does it?


Our last stop was this coffee place in a huge tower and we got to see all of Bratislava from there. How cool is that?

We then went to Lukáš’s place for a while and he even cooked for us! Then he kindly drove us back to the Bratislava Station where we hopped on a night train to Košice – our next stop.

Not a great quality but it was midnight and Denisa took it with her phone. We spent the night in this train with three beds (we only needed two, of course), a sink and a free breakfast! It was amazing and I would definitely consider going by a night train again.

I’d like to thank you all for reading and also thank Denisa and Lukáš for a lovely day (and for the handful of photos I used that you took – thanks, guys!).

Stay tuned for the next post of our 5 day trip through Slovakia!




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