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My Top 5 Game of Thrones Characters (that are still alive…)


Game of Thrones is one of my favourite TV shows of all time (though, to be honest, I have many). And since the new season started 3 weeks ago I thought this was a great time to write about it!

I often find myself thinking about the characters in the show and wondering which ones are my favourite. There are many that I like but also so many that I dislike. Last year I lost one of my favourites (thanks, Cersei!) so this is actually harder for me now. But I like to think about it anyway and since I’m also supposed to be writing about stuff on my blog, I decided to write about this – so I bring you my top 5 GoT characters (that are still alive – and by that I mean characters that are alive in season 7 episode 2 because I am writing this before the third episode is released so I have no idea whether someone from this list dies or not… God, I hope not).

610_Lyanna_Mormont_Crop5) Lyanna Mormont

Although she is a new character, she is an exciting one. Every scene in which she talks is made so much better just by her speeches! She is strong, independent and smart – and she is both adorable and scary at the same time which never seizes to amaze me. I hope we get more of her because she is bloody brilliant!

Olenna-Tyrell-S4EP014) Olenna Tyrell

Oh, the Queen of Thorns. She is amazing. I’ve loved her since we first saw her. She is fierce, sharp and witty; she’s not afraid to do what is necessary. Her dialogues with Tywin, Tyrion and Cersei are still my favourites to watch. What’s not to love about this woman?

(And I love how she rocks the head scarf! Fabulous.)

Jaime_Lannister-Nikolaj_Coster-Waldau3) Jaime Lannister

Ok, I get it. He was a bad guy. He’s not a good guy now either. But his character was through so much and his development was just amazing. Even though I don’t agree with his choice of lovers (I don’t even care about the incest part, it’s just… I mean, Cersei, really? come on!), I still really adore him. (And I kind of hope he’s the one to kill his beloved sister. I mean, she literally pulled off Aerys with the whole wildfire thingy.)

Brienne-of-Tarth-game-of-thrones-2) Brienne of Tarth

I will admit that I have mixed feelings about her from time to time. She is very stubborn and could sometimes just take other people’s advice BUT… I love her. From the first time we saw her back in season 2 I knew I would love this character. She is a strong woman (both physically and mentally) and she is probably the only honourable character in the whole show. Plus she made us all like Jaime – I mean, how?! He pushed Bran and killed Jory! Yep, this just proves that she is wonderful. (God, I hope she doesn’t die.)

Darksansastark1) Sansa Stark

When people ask me who my favourite GoT character is I always say the same thing: Sansa. Most people just don’t get it and find it a bit weird because they think of her as an annoying character. And, I mean, she was. Back in season 1 I couldn’t stand her and I much preferred Arya. But since then she change so much and so much has happened to her… she has been my favourite character for a couple of seasons now (I think since season 3) and I don’t see that changing any time soon. She’s been through a lot but she always comes out of everything stronger than she was before. You know what? I really hope she is the one to end up on the bloody throne.

Honourable mentions (aka people who almost made the list):

Podrick Payne, because his cock is magical and he can’t cook a rabbit.

Misssandei, because she is adorable and I share her love for foreign languages.

Davos Seaworth, because he and Brienne are probably the only two genuinly good characters in the show. (And because he loved Shireen, unlike his own bloody father.)

Let me know in the comments which character is your favourite! Also, how are you finding season 7? So far I’m loving it!



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