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A 5 Day Trip to Slovakia | Day 2: Košice

Day 2- Kosice

Check out my post about day 1 in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia.

Me and my friend Denisa made a short trip through the country of Slovakia – and I decided to share some of my favourite photos and experiences from the trip with you. There will be 3 posts in total, this being the second one – all about the day we spent in the beautiful city Košice.

The first place we visited was this beautiful park near the train station. It was 7 in the morning so there weren’t many people which was nice as we were a bit tired.
‘Slovo’ literally means a ‘word’. I love this.
One of my top favourites of the whole trip were these sand statues! Denisa said she saw them some place else before but I’ve never actually seen anything like them and it made my inner nerd jump with excitment. 
SUPERMAN! (My favourite male superhero.)


This made me sooooo sentimental. I used to watch the Neverending story so so much when I was a child. ❤


If I had to compare Košice to Bratislava, I’d say Košice is more quiet and peaceful and a bit more historical. Whereas Bratislava is a proper city, Košice feels more like a place I would go to for a nice vacation. And all the buildings in the centre were just so beautiful!


Yes, those are bright pink crocs I’m wearing. Sorry not sorry.
We went for a cup of coffee in here as we were both feeling very tired and we needed something to wake us a up a bit.


…my inner nerd strikes. I had to. I’m sorry.


This is taken from a train that we jumped on after spending a whole day in Košice. We were headed to Slovak Paradise – which you can read all about in my next post.

I have to say Košice was one of my favourite days of the trip. Even though we were really tired for most parts of this day (and we actually ended up dozing off in the park on the grass like some hobos), it was a lovely day in a lovely town and I definitely wouldn’t mind visiting this place again. If you are ever near Slovakia, I would definitely recommend seeing Košice. It was well worth it!



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