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A 5 Day Trip to Slovakia | Days 3-5: Slovak Paradise, Žilina, Bojnice

A 5 Day Trip to Slovakia (1)

Part 1 & Part 2.

Here it is – the last post about our trip to Slovakia: this one is about the last 3 days and there aren’t many photos (or many good photos for that matter) as my camera died and I had to take pictures with my phone (which explains the poor quality).

Our programme for the last three days was:

Day 3) Slovak Paradise

Day 4) Žilina

Day 5) Bojnice

Well. This wasn’t the original plan but I feel like I have to note that I got sick during the trip and I cought an aweful cold. I had a headache and couldn’t breathe properly so after the third day we had to go to Žilina instead of The Tatra Mountains because I simply wouldn’t survive hiking in the mountains. We found a nice hotel in Žilina and booked it for one night – we stayed there for most of the afternoon of the forth day and it really helped (though I still didn’t feel great when we were in Bojnice on the last day).

Okay, so let’s talk the actual trip!

Vydrník pose. We had to travel from Košice to Slovak Paradise and we stopped in this tiny village. We were a bit tired and feeling very silly so we made up a pose for Vydrník. We laughed so hard my tummy ached.
On our way to Slovak Paradise we saw this. My camera was dead, so here is a crappy phone photo instead.
Slovak Paradise gate. We arrived to our camp (called Podlesok) and we had to check in and build our tent…
Quick language lesson: “stan” means “a tent”, “kde jsou dvere” means “where is the door” and “vydrnik” stands for the village Vydrník I talked about earlier. It took ages to get this done.
Next day we went on a nice hike through the Slovak Paradise…
…or so we thought. It was supposed to be a short walk (around 4 hours) but it took us 7-8 hours. Ooops.



The terrain was pretty hard – there were loads and loads of ladders and stuff and my feet hurt SO MUCH. But it was worth it, the surroundings were just magnificent.

Next we went to Žilina. As I said, we didn’t do much there, we just stayed in our hotel room as I was feeling very ill that day.

On our way to the hotel.
Hotel called A Club. We really loved it there – it was small and in a quiet area so perfect for relaxing. You could get there pretty easily by bus which was great.
Our room. We paid around 12 euro each and we literally booked it that day. Considering the price and the quality of the room, I’d say it was a complete bargain. There was a small table with two chairs, two beds, a sink, a mirror, small cupboard and a wardrobe. The bathrooms were shared with other people but we didn’t meet anyone there and it was super clean and nice. Overall, we really loved it. (Oh, and there was a small kitchen downstair with free tea and coffee!)

As I said, we didn’t really go to Žilina to explore, more like to get well. The next day (and our last) we went to Bojnice to see the famous beautiful castle they have there. It looks like a Disney Castle!

I loved this statue!


Look how pretty it is!
We tried so hard to find a supermarket or a small footlocker or something but it was Sunday so only restaurants were open. We each ordered a pizza and by the end we were so full I thought I was going to die!

Okay. I know there weren’t many photos in this post but as I said – I wasn’t able to take more pictures. I hoped you enjoyed this journey with me and I would definitely suggest everyone to go check out the beautiful country of Slovakia!

You can also check out Denisa’s blog. She was there with me on this trip and she’s also posting about it (here is her part 1 where you can find more photos and also a bit more detail about how we managed to travel the country with only 60 euros each!).

Have a lovely day! x




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