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Mini Amsterdam Haul

Mini Amsterdam Haul

About a week ago I went to Amsterdam for the first time ever! I went with my sister Nela (check out her instagram, she has some great pics there!) and it was amazing. There is going to be a whole post with loads and loads of beautiful pictures from there but I decided to kick this off with a small post with the stuff I bought – because who doesn’t love shopping?

I haven’t bought much BUT all the things I bought I love endlessly and I couldn’t not buy them. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

First thing I bought was this Van Gogh poster. I am a HUGE Van Gogh fan and I knew I had to buy one. And of course I went for the most depressing one. That’s just who I am.
I also bought a Van Gogh mug (with the painting ‘The Bedroom’ which is much more positive than the poster). I am a huge mug collector and I had to buy this!
This might seem a bit random – a pink bowtie. But I bought this because it was Pride Week in Amsterdam and there were so many cool pink things to choose from! (And bowties are cool! *Doctor Who reference*)
I loved these chocolates! I actually only bought one for myself (one is my sisters and one was for my friend Denisa) but they were so delicious. Plus I bought a vegan one without palm oil! And they are slave free! L-O-V-E I-T!
Last but not least… pins! Not that long ago I really got into pins and I wanted to start a collection of them. They are a cool fashion statements, small but they can say a lot and add so much to your outfit. These I found randomly when browsing through one of the many markets we visited. And of course I bought the rainbow one and the unicorn one. My favourite is the spaceship one though because… well, I mean, it’s SPACE. The ultimate travel destination.

That’s it. As I said I haven’t bought much but I adore every single thing I got. Tell me if you like some of these things and let me know what you think. x



2 thoughts on “Mini Amsterdam Haul

  1. My favourite thing is the mug! I love it! And the pins as well, of course. My denim jacket is slooowly filling up with pins, as I started to be a pin junkie a few months ago. Indeed, they can completely change your outfit!


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